A friendly Texas old-school approach combined with the latest new-school treatments and technologies.

From the doctor:

"I strongly believe that the heart of medicine is the relationship between the patient and physician. Together we have seen how complicated and inefficient healthcare has become. From my perspective as a physician with nearly 20 years experience, the barriers between the physician and patient AND the barriers between the patient and your health are only growing more frustrating and complex. After careful soul-searching, I began a new style of family practice in order to preserve our important relationship and offer you the best level of care. 

As your primary care physician, YOU are my primary concern.  This private practice allows us the time together to focus on your health. Relaxed appointments with immediate access let us consider and discuss your preventive care, lifestyle goals, and wellness options. A collaborative consistent approach has shown to lower patients’ hospital visits, prescription dependencies, chronic illness, and sick time away from work. All of this can translate to lower out-of-pocket costs for my patients over time.

I am confident that North Texas will welcome this hassle-free healthcare alternative. To offer these services I have limited the size of my practice to about 1/10th of its previous size.  I want to be your on-call expert advisor, your advocate, and your personal physician. With your membership, I am offering you the next level of healthcare: high quality, personalized, detailed, and available when you need it. 

I sincerely hope to partner with you in the next phase of your life and look forward to serving as your personal physician. I am ready to do everything possible to assist you in your goals of living well. Together, we will help you live your best life."


Bryan M. Lowery, M.D.



Your Hometown Board-Certified Family Physician


1999 M.D. honors graduate:

UT Southwestern Medical School

Dallas, TX


1994 Bachelors honors graduate:

Southern Methodist University

Dallas, TX


1990 honors graduate:

Plano Senior High School

Plano, TX 

Life is short. Live well.
— Dr. Lowery