Certified Health Coaching


Frisco Concierge Medicine member benefits now include Certified Health Coach services

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Inspiration, Information,

Motivation, Education

and Encouragement.

Complimentary 1:1 private sessions and customized "Best Life" program with our Certified Health Coach included with every membership

At no additional cost to you, our members are encouraged to utilize the private personalized services of our in-office Certified Health Coach, Courtney Lowery.  A certification in health coaching means that Courtney is equipped and excited to come alongside you on your health journey. As you and Dr. Lowery establish your individual health goals based on your comprehensive physical and labs, Courtney can provide the education and accountability you need to meet those goals. The "Best Life" program at Frisco Concierge Medicine is a partnership of you, your personal physician and certified health coach. Together we will carve a specific path toward where YOU want to be, develop evidence-based strategies that work for YOU, and support YOU every step of the way. Courtney can assist with life balance, right-food choices, progress focus, meal planning, research, technology ideas, movement and relaxation techniques, weekly accountability checks, even pantry makeovers. Call the office or let's talk during your next appointment to get started! Together we will help you live your BEST LIFE. 


Bryan Lowery