Step 1: Call the Doctor

Monday-Friday @ 8AM - 4PM • (469) 200-4802

Either Dr. Lowery or his staff will be available to answer your call. No phone tree. No pushing "0." Schedule a time to come in and check us out.  Initial inquiry visits are complimentary.

Step 2: Join the Practice

membership has its privileges

You like us. We like you. Let's get healthy together. After payment is collected for the membership fee, we schedule your first appointment and grant 24/7 direct access to Dr. Bryan Lowery, your dedicated board-certified M.D. Traditional Medicare and PPO Insurances (No HMO) accepted for office visits and procedures. 

Step 3: Release your Records

FROM your previous physician practice

You need to sign an authorization form to release your past patient history to Dr. Lowery. Once you join, we will give you the details to help you with this. 

Step 4: Live your Best Life


Finally feel truly taken care of. Call when you need us. We may call you when you don't -- just to check in on your health goals. Expect same-day or next-day appointments, thorough top-notch service, and a doctor who truly listens. 


Contact Us

we want to get to know you!

We aren't the faceless form type, but if you prefer this method of communication, submit your info below and we will reach out to you in real life.

(Please do not include medical details in your message.) 

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